How To Write HTML And Earn A Living


Earn Money By Writing in HTML:

Earn Money, yes you herd me write! You can bank on it! Earning or making money on the internet has never been an easy product to produce.

But-You can capitalize on what you have at your disposal to produce an income from the world wide web.

Compound all that you know into a global pool of cash to beat the receding economy and push your knowledge to the boundary by learning how to write HTML documents that you can publish on the internet and grow an e-commerce business online.html-code

It will soon develop into a hobby that you cannot resist. Visit Amazon on my blog – there are plenty of books to teach and show the way.

Read through this page and you will find a link to a 5 Pillar Affiliate Program to help you get started.

Lets Be Honest – How to Start Earning – How I Started

Let’s be honest, I am now 35, and have been unemployed for the last four years.

I used to be a consultant, writing training courses for blue chip companies.

I had my office set up at home. It all went well for a number of years, until my computer broke. I could not meet a deadline, and that was that – unemployed – with a broken computer and not enough resources to buy a new pc.

Eventually I managed to obtain a P4 for next to nothing. Anyway, I spent about two years trying to operate the internet, using my cell phone as a modem. By now I had joined face book and had started writing commercial blogs.

Things began to grow. This enabled me to go broadband, as things were hot ting up on the commercial side. I had tried many years ago but had failed. The reason being that I was trying to make money through small companies, who soon went under. Now I am dealing with more reputable companies like Amazon, Ebay, and employment agencies.

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